There are many paid premium skins available to purchase in fortnite, But in this guide we will discuss how to get free fortnite skins without paying anything.

We are listing few simple methods by using them you can get fortnite free skins. So without waiting further let’ss get started.

Get Free Fortnite Skins Using Twitch Prime Fortnite Loot Method

If you know Amazon owns Twitch and if you have amazon prime membership then you automatically get eligible for twitch prime too. And twitch prime gives you free skins in fortnite.

That is the whole context of how to get free fornite skins using twitch prime.

Now we will see how to make everything working from start to end and get fornite twitch prime pack 2 absolutely free.

Creating Twitch Prime Account

To create twitch prime account we need to visit this link : –  and click on signup button, A pop up will open where we need enter our account details. Please refer to following image for the same.

how to get free fortnite skins

Once we enter all the necessary details and click on sign up, Twitch will ask us to verify our email address. So always use the real email address. So you will get the verification email. Refer to following image.

verify twitch prime account

We need to click on the verify email button and it will take us to the email validation successful message as shown below.

twitch prime free trial

Next we need to click on the crown on upper right hand side, Here twitch will ask us to get the Amazon prime membership account. So we need to proceed with Amazon prime membership.

Creating Amazon Prime Membership Account

Once we click on start your 30-day free trial of Amazon prime button, Then we will be redirected to amazon prime signup programme. Please refer to following image for that.

Amazon prime trial

Here we need to create amazon prime membership account. Don’t worry we are only opting for trial membership which doesn’t need to pay anything. Hence register with your details to the amazon prime site.

signup for amazon prime trial

Next we need to submit a valid credit card details to activate amazon prime membership, Do remember that we need to cancel the membership before trial expires so we don’t get charged by amazon prime. If someone don’t have the credit card then you can also use vanilla prepaid card with little to no balance.

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amazon prime started

Once we have entered our credit card payment details. Amazon prime will ask us for confirmation we just need to confirm and click on start your 30 day free trial button which will proceed further.

validate amazon prime

If everything is fine until this step then amazon prime will redirect us to twitch prime. And we can see following message at twitch prime.

claim twitch prime fortnite loot

Here we need to click on claim your free loot button and then following screen will open.

claim fortnite loot

Finally we just need to link our fortnite account with twitch and our twitch prime pack#2 is ready to use on ps4, xbox, pc on all platforms.

connect twitch prime to fornite

Free Contents of Twitch Prime Pack# 2

This pack of twitch prime contains following items which you can redeem by using twitch prime pack#2

  1.  Trailblazer Outfit
  2.  True North Back Bling
  3.  Tenderizer Pickaxe
  4. Battle Royale Freestyle Emote

How to Cancel Twitch Prime Membership/Amazon Prime Membership

If you have acquired fortnite skins free and now want to cancel the twitch prime or amazon prime membership then you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

First of all visit

open twitch prime to cancel

Then Go to Settings>>Connections Tab And click on disconnect amazon button.

disconnect amazon prime from twitch

Then visit to account and go to prime section.

visit to amazon prime section

Once you are in prime section then look for End trial and Benefits button on the left side and click on it. Voila!! Now you have completely cancelled twitch prime membership along with amazon prime membership trial membership.

End trial twitch prime and amazon prime

Using V Bucks Method To get Free Skins In Fortnite

If you feel that there is lot of work involved and don’t want to get twitch prime or don’t have payment method which you can attach to amazon prime, Then this is the solution for you.

We have some really cool Top 10 Methods to get free v bucks in fortnite by using them you can easily get whatever you want in fortnite. Do try them and let us know, Were they helpful to you or not.