Here comes the Week 4 Challenges for you to get one step closer to Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass. As we are moving step by step towards unlocking Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 Battle Pass, the weekly challenges are getting more robust as well.

fortnite season 4 battle pass

It proves that the more we get closer to season 4 battle pass; the more difficult challenges we are going to face until the 10th week. The hard part of this week’s challenges is that you need to complete multiple objectives in a single attempt of your match. It means these challenges will force you to do multitasking in a single possible match in order to complete them successfully.

Deal Damage With Assault Rifles To Opponents0/10005 Stars
Search Chests in Wailing Woods0/75 Stars
Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a Single Match0/75 Stars
Visit the Center of Different Storm Circles in a Single Match0/35 Stars
Search Between a Bench, Ice Cream Truck, and a Helicopter0/110 Stars
Trap Eliminations0/110 Stars
Eliminate Opponents in Snobby Shores0/310 Stars
These challenges for the fortnite new battle pass will not only spend your time more than usual completing the challenges but also will destroy your morale for the whole week. However, completing hard challenges in the fortnite game is not a new thing for us so that we can understand the intensity of these challenges by the way. Currently fortnite is running season 8 week 6 challenges get more info at source.

Let’s talk about the difficult objectives we need to achieve in these challenges.

Week 4 Challenges and Difficulties

As far as dealing damages is concerned, this is not our main concern as it will happen automatically without consent. The main course is to searching chests in wailing woods. We have done it before, and we will do it again. But the concern is all the players have same challenge and all of them will encounter each other in wailing woods at the same time. This is the main challenge.

Searching ammo boxes is easy but to do this without getting killed or in a single match is way tougher. Off course, your strategies and skills of hunting for those ammo boxes while countering your opponents at the same time will prove your pro side of gameplay in this task.

Your survival tactics will be tested while completing a task of visiting 3 storm circles in a single match. Don’t die in the middle of the game as you need to go to the center of the storm circles at the same time when all of the other players are doing the same to beat this challenge.

Go directly to the center of “Moisty Mire” where you will perform the fifth challenge. No more map search for you as we have figured it out the landmark of the search location where there is a helicopter in front of the green screen. Perform your “search this item” task easily.

“Trap Kill” is the worst nightmare for every one of us. Snobby Shores Elimination is going to be the toughest challenge of all for this week. As we know trap and kill is the hardest part of this challenge where 90% players give up their lives easily. Overcoming this challenge is the biggest and baddest task for this week. Good Luck.

How to Unlock Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

That is all for this week’s challenges guys, hope you understand the difficulties you are going to face these challenges. Who doesn’t want to get over these things or simply avoid them, fortunately, if you have bunch v bucks to invest; then only you can skip these challenges and get fortnite new seasons battle pass instantly.

But if you don’t have v bucks to invest, then the only way to unlock season 4 battle pass is to complete weekly challenges and do it yourself. Our guide on how to get free v bucks using legit methods will surely help you collecting easy v bucks to use them to unlock upcoming season battle passes along with new free fortnite skins, multipliers for XP, and much more accessories to use.

So good luck to you for these challenges and hope you will overcome them by the time they get exhausted and the new one takes their place. Also, don’t forget to check this site for upcoming new challenges for week 5 in coming days.